Rubber Tracks for Bobcat/John Deere/Case Track Loaders

Rubber Tracks for Bobcat Track LoadersRubber TracksT190ASVSR80_3_Lug

We are not an equipment dealer pretending to know a few things about Rubber Tracks. We sell rubber tracks and undercarriage for a living. We carry a full line of Rubber Tracks for Track Loaders, including the Bobcat T140, T180, T190, T200, T250, T300, T320, T630, T650, T750, T770, T870, 864; John Deere CT319, CT322, CT323, CT329, CT332, CT333; Case 420ct, 440ct, 445ct, 450ct, TR270, TR320, TR380 TV320, TV380.  Also, Komatsu and New Holland Track Loaders.

In every market there are mega companies with deep pockets for advertising and telemarketers. We have no fancy slogans or commission based sales here. We are 100% American owned. With low overhead and years of experience, we sell you quality rubber tracks and undercarriage for less.

QUALITY. We have spent years working with aftermarket manufacturers to find the best tracks for the best price. This experience allows us to offer durable products at unbeatable prices. We are not the cheapest tracks on the internet, but close. High price does not necessarily translate into high quality either. So why should you spend a couple dollars more? Because we are talking about hundreds of hours more life. With our low overhead, we could buy/sell the cheapest priced/quality tracks. But why buy inferior products to make an extra $25. We sincerely want your business for life and want you to spread the word. Here are a few reasons why you should consider our quality Aftermarket Rubber Tracks.

*We buy tracks from a manufacturer who builds OEM tracks for several major Machine Manufacturers.

*The tracks are designed by engineers to suit specific weight and load requirements for track loaders and excavators, while enhancing their traction grip and extending wear life. Lug patterns are designed for increased traction, decreased tearing, and even ground pressure.

*The manufacturer has quality control engineers and computerized testing equipment that are constantly testing for correct rubber curing time, tensile strength, and abrasion resistance. The raw materials are tested upon arrival and the rubber tracks go through constant testing during and after the production process

*Our Rubber Materials are a Premium Blend of Natural and Synthetic Virgin Rubber. Rubber tracks can be made cheaper by using increased amounts of synthetic rubber or by using recycled rubber, but these tracks are more likely to fail prematurely

*Our tracks have forged metal links that are dipped and completely coated with a rubber adhesive compound to make the rubber links less likely to be pulled out; others skip this process or they brush on a little adhesive with a paint brush.

*Our tracks utilize multi strand high tensile stainless blended internal wire cables and are wound into one continuous loop assembly and immersed in a special coating. This makes the strongest internal cable system. Tracks produced with flat separate cables, or with cable windings that are not looped assembly cost less, but are more likely to stretch and tear prematurely.

*Our manufacturers utilize the newest ‘state of the art’ computer controlled rubber track vulcanizing presses that control the vulcanizing temperature, humidity and cure time. These presses do not allow our tracks to be taken out of the mold before they are fully cured. One of the most time consuming and high cost processes in making rubber tracks is the correct cure time in the mold. Some other rubber tracks are made cheaper by decreasing the time of the molding process, resulting in a track with a decreased wear life and higher failure rate.

WARRANTY. Our warranty covers the mechanics of our products. Keep in mind that those who offer extremely long warranties are being misleading. Manufactures do not warranty wear and tear. So these long warranties are nothing but another gimmick. Our products are not perfect, and when there is a defect, we cover it. But defects will work themselves out quickly. We offer a prorated workmanship 1 year/1000 hour warranty. Others will offer big warranties and deny claims. Don’t be fooled. We stand behind our products.

SHIPPING. In almost all cases our products are in stock for immediate shipping. We can reach most parts of the country in 1-3 days with a few exceptions. We ship most our products by LTL truck lines like; Old Dominion, Central Transport, or Vitran Express. LTL carries require a commercial address with the ability to off load the products with a forklift or similiar. Coordinating deliveries by phone is an extra charge. Be aware that unloading the truck on the road, at a jobsite, or at a home business will cost extra. You must provide a “ship to” address that meets these requirements or additional charges may apply, and we will have to bill you for these charges. We can ship to a local terminal for pickup, but sometimes those depots are not very close. Many of our customers have found it is easier to ship our products to a business in town that has regular hours and forklift available with permission of course.