Over-the-Tire Skid Steer Tracks


10″x16.5″ Tires…..$1499.00
12″x16.5″ Tires…..$1799.00
14″x17.5″ Tires…..$3299.00

If you are looking for an affordable quality option to high-priced Skid Steer tracks, look no further. We have sold hundreds of Components Plus Tracks all over the country. These are not chain tracks.

Don’t leave your Skid Steer home on rainy days ever again. If you need flotation in those messy conditions, but don’t want to spend $2000 or $3000, here are the rubber tracks to answer.

*Made in the USA
*Patented Marbain Heat Treat Process
*High carbon Steel Stamped Pads
*Rockwell Hardness 48-52 compared to as-cast or forged soft
*High Wear Resistance
*Grade 9 Shoulder Bolts
*Easy installation
*Completely Adjustable
*Lighter weight- easier to install and less load on the Powertrain

As with most tracks, we require 3″ of clearance so the tracks do not hit the side of the machine. If your machine does not have the 3″ required, some rims are reversible to aleviate the problem, or wheel spacers can be added. There are also a very few machines which require a boom stop in front to keep the tracks from hitting the boom. If you have any questions, give us a call @ 260-760-0254 or request a quote.